Life Desktop Notion Template - version 3.0

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Everything you need to be more organized and aware of yourself is included in this Digital Notion planner!

Fully customizable Digital Dashboard Template for Notion

Notion is a free program for storing information.

Organization through Notion is easy and accessible to all (and on all devices)

It is even easier with this digital desktop!

Subpages of this Life Desktop include:

  • Weekly Planner & Calendar
  • Habit Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Project Management Page
  • Skincare Tracker
  • Weekly Reset
  • Food plan + recipe books
  • Monthly Budget
  • Wardrobe Manager (Cost per Wear)
  • New Year Reset and Vision
  • University page
  • Travel plans page
  • Film, TV and Reading Journals
  • Journaling Templates Bundle (and each of the subpages: Self-Love, Self-Discovery, Fighting Fear, Braindump Journaling)


  • set your vision and summarise the year - and stick to your plans!
  • plan your time according to your energy levels
  • track habits, mood, and progress in your favorite series
  • live more in line with "less waste" and minimalism - buy less
  • have everything in one place

Other Notion Templates available soon:

  • Social Media Manager's Planner
  • 30 Days Challenge - Self-Discovery

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Life Desktop Notion Template - version 3.0

0 ratings
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